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    Your site will be INSTANTLY added to my link page! PLUS, I will submit this page to search engines! All I ask is that you link to my homepage, somewhere within your website within five (5) days.

    I will, within about two weeks be submitting the page you link to my site on to hundreds of search engines. You may want to link to my website on your homepage as this is the page that will be submitted to the search engines. When I submit the page that contains my link to the search engines I will notify you immeditately of this and inform you of which search engines I have submitted to.

Why do I submit your site to the search engines?

    The link to my website will only help my traffic if I submit the page that you have linked to my website to the search engines. By crawling the page that contains the link to my website, (remember, the link must be to my homepage) I will gain more traffic.

NOTE: Search engine submission is OPTIONAL.
(Your site is only submitted if you give your email address.)

What do you get?

  • I link to your site as well, therefor your site will be raised in the engines along with mine
  • I will submit the page that contains the link to my website to hundreds of search engines.
Note: Because I will be submitting the page that links to my homepage to hundreds of search engines you may wish to place the link to my homepage on *YOUR* homepage as this (the page where my link appears) will be the page that I submit to the search engines. I will submit the page where the link appears to my website within two (2) weeks or less.

IMPORTANT: Use this code to link to my site.

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Your contact information is only required if you wish to receive confirmation about the search engine submission. This is *NOT* required to have your site added to my link page or for search engine submission. This is only required to notify you of when the submission takes place and to which engines. I will *NOT* share this information with anyone for any reason and will not contact you other than to inform you of the search engine submission - period.

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