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When creating your wish list, take a look at your lifestyle. For example, if you love to cook, you'll want a well-equipped kitchen. If you love to garden, you'll want a yard. If you want to work at home, you may want a room for a separate library or home office. If you have several cars, you may require a garage or parking spaces.

Write down on paper all the things you and your co-purchaser, if there is one, would love to have in your home. You can let your imagination take over, but realize that you will have to cut the list back later.

As you think about your housing needs, it's important to consider how long you may live in your home. If you are newly married, you might not be concerned with a school district right now. But you could be in several years. Will you move then -- or is the house you are looking for now in a neighborhood where good schools are available? If you have aging parents, might they need to live with you in the near future? If so, you may want to look at homes that offer living arrangements for them as well as you.

So, when preparing your wish list, factor in both your current housing needs and what you may anticipate a few years from now.

Your home's location
You need to think about the home's location just as carefully as you do about the house features. Identify what kind of city, community, and neighborhood are right for you.

Beyond commuting distance to work, you need to evaluate the availability of shopping, police and fire protection, medical facilities, school and day-care, traffic and parking, trash and garbage collection, recreational facilities, places of worship, and other community amenities.

Driving or walking around neighborhoods, looking at street maps of various neighborhoods, and talking with people you know who live in the neighborhood will help you better understand the pluses and minuses of communities you are considering.

Type of home you want
You also need to figure out the type of housing you want. Do you want a condominium or a cooperative? A town house or a detached single-family home? In terms of construction materials, do you want brick, stone, stucco, wood, vinyl siding, or another building material? Do you prefer a new home or an older home?

If you have the time and money to invest in fixing up a home, you may want to buy an older home that needs some work. If you don't, you may wish to buy an older home in which all renovations are complete, or a new home that offers energy-efficient systems and modern materials.

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