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Curbside appeal is very often the determining factor that persuades potential buyers to venture into a home that is for sale. Once inside, the best way to help ensure these lookers stay is to offer an interior that is just as inviting as the outside.

Enhancing your front lawn before you sell doesn't necessarily have to be costly in terms of time or money. As an example, sellers can help increase the curb appeal of their Boca Raton Florida property by pruning shrubs, especially those around the windows and doors to provide more light inside and safer accessibility through entrances.

Other simple things to do that can help make a home more inviting to potential buyers include keeping your lawn watered to maintain a healthy green color, planting flowers along a walkway or around a lamp or sign post, or placing attractive flowerpots on the porch, or by the entrance. Finally, items such as grills, children's toys, bicycles, garden tools and machinery should be stored away neatly.

Once the outside is spruced up, sellers should move inside to clean out closets and give their home a more spacious feel, by picking up the clutter and packing up the knickknacks and storing them. Renting a storage locker may not be a badi idea. It accomplishes two things: it prepares you psychologically for moving and it makes your home appear more spacious and liveable from the Buyer's perspective.

What most sellers don't realize is that buyers are not interested in their personal items especially items such as family photographs and various treasures a seller has collected over the years. These items will only get in the way of a potential buyer's ability to envision his or her own personal effects in your home. buying a home is an emotional experience and usually is not a true business decision for the Buyer.

Another way sellers can help create a more spacious look to their home is by packing away items housed in such pieces of furniture as display hutches and cabinets and moving various pieces of furniture out of the house to help the potential buyer imagine their own furniture in place of yours.

I highly recommend that sellers either sell off or give away unwanted items and home furnishings before potential buyers begin to come in for a look. Sellers need to think of themselves as living in a model home when they market their property. That means that in addition to making sure the home is constantly kept clean, they need to be willing to move their favorite chair, end table or couch out.

It just makes it easier for a potential buyer to envision a home office in place of the cozy den a seller may have used a certain room for. Since buying a home is usually the biggest purchase of a consumer's life, it gets frustrating for them if they cannot see past someone else's clutter.

I have prepared a checklist for Sellers to get the highes price for their home. Please email me if you would like me to mail you a copy of this brochure:
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